5 Great Dice Games From 5 Unique Genres - A collection of creative dice games for those free moments that gamers dread to waste.

5PAX consists of easy to learn dice games for those unexpected free moments during the day. These games will make you practice your dice-rolling mechanics, math skills and strategy, instead of wasting your free time zoning out with nothing to do.

The core pack comes with 5 games of different genres, as well as 14 regular dice, 2 special dice, markers, and separate instructions for each game. Sports, fantasy, casino, racing, and battle genres are each included in the core pack. Every game is well-designed and unique in terms of experience and mechanics. Plus, if you decide you one genre is the best and would like an expansion, or if you just want to add on to your game, there will also be individual expansion games sold separately.

Whether you’re a strategist who enjoys thinking 5 turns ahead or a gamer that likes using dice in creative ways (like bowling!), than you’re sure to find games that will appeal to you.

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Alas! Alack! Sir Winston Derbyshire IV has recently met his Maker leaving behind billions of dollars in assets and no heir.

A lifelong lover of science and a patron of progress his will states that part of his estate is to be used for a peculiar competition. In an expansive scrapyard all are welcome to try their luck and compete to be the first to create bold, new, and fantastical inventions! Using randomly assigned, never-before-seen blueprints for Inventions thought up by Sir Winston himself, they may only build using items found in the scrapyard. The winner will inherit 1 million dollars and the scrapyard itself, which will be transformed into whatever they desire. But the prize has attracted the attention of some unscrupulous characters willing to do whatever it takes to win. Do you have what it takes to claim The Scrapyard Empire?

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Hand illustrated, Limited Edition deck of cards featuring Steampunk Archetypes wearing artistic renditions of real steampunk goggles.

Our first project was a deck of steampunk-themed playing cards, inspired by the unique, artisan-crafted goggles sold at SteampunkGoggles.com. These beautiful cards are hand-illustrated and feature familiar genre archetypes wearing renditions of the most popular goggle styles in the store. Our Kickstarter campaign successfully raised nearly $30,000 for the production of the project, with almost 700 supporters making pledges. You can learn more about this one-of-a-kind deck (and how you can get one of your very own!) here.

Take a look behind the scenes of Steampunk Goggles: The Deck!


We’re a group of gamers who enjoy developing new ways to play and products that stimulate brain function with challenging mechanics and beautiful artwork.

Our current interest is in the development of tabletop games. We focused mostly on developing fantastic artwork for our first project, the steampunk deck. It was an elegant and challenging design, but it did not require us to think much beyond general usability. We are now delving into trickier, more ambitious projects, the first of which is Scrapyard Empire. This strategic hand management game has rules and game mechanics that require much more thought than a regular deck of cards. We love the challenge and have brought in game design experts to help us in the development and play-testing stages. When that’s done, we’ll release the deck to the public before moving on to an even more exciting project. Who knows what we’ll do next?


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