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You have a great idea for a new game. Maybe it’s a board game, maybe it’s a kid’s game, maybe it’s a new MMORPG game that you’re convinced will be the next World of Warcraft. Well you’re in luck – your game has a much better chance of getting into development now than it ever had in the past, when you had to sell the idea to a major game publishing company. With the advent of game crowdfunding sites, forum and game review sites online, you can take your game directly to your audience. Check out this list of online resources!

Crowdfunding Sites

No money? No problem! You can sell your tabletop or video game idea to potential backers on classic crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter,  Indiegogo and Crowdfunder. These sites feature whole sections devoted to game development and have the advantage of being instantly recognizable names. Terms and conditions vary, so if you decide to go this route, read the fine print. In most cases, the sites get a percentage of any money you raise, and funding may be dependent on meeting certain goals, but crowdfunding sites can give your projects buzz on social media, and a much wider audience.

Game Forum Sites

The web is full of gaming forum sites, and they can be a mine of information if you want to get your finger on the pulse of the industry. Gamers aren’t shy about expressing which games they like, which ones they don’t, and precisely why. Gamer requests, and the fortunes of the most recent titles, will give you a sense of which topics are hot, and which likely will be in the future. Forum sites are also a great place to find tabletop game reviews, or a little cheap marketing research in the form of questions and polls. Some of the most popular forum sites are IGN, Gamespot and Gaia Online.

Game Review Sites

Most of the large gamer community sites also have sections for staff game reviews that give more nuanced and comprehensive critiques than are usually available on the boards. Some sites, like Game Rankings.com and metacritic, are devoted largely to game reviews. These sites can be a great source of inspiration for game development, as they show which concepts are most popular, and which are on the wane. They’re also a good place to look for promising new titles, such as Galliant Games’ compelling new table top offerings.

It’s challenging to bring a new game to market. You have to have an exciting, imaginative concept and compelling characters. But more than that, you need to have the money for development and an audience that will engage with your game. The crowdfunding phenomenon, and a broad and avid online gaming community, have made that challenge less daunting and the rewards ever more tempting. If you have the talent, the storyline and the drive, you can create something that will delight fans and be a part of the online culture for years to come. Game on!