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Did you love playing board and card games as a kid? Do you feel like you never quite grew out of it? Are you constantly searching for fun and challenging card games for adults that don’t require you to have a beer in your hand? You need to learn about deck building card games. 

Similar to collectible card games, deck-building games involve adding and changing your deck as you move through the game. Unlike collectible card games, cards are not sold in random packs where collection relies largely on regular investments. Instead, growing a collection in a deck building game involves playing the game, and traditionally playing off the same cards as your opponent. We’ll explain:

The cards in deck building games act like a currency. The stronger your cards, the more you can use them to obtain more cards and grow your deck. You don’t need to rely on financial investment as much as you do luck of the draw and strategy. Traditional collector games involve the player(s) spending a solid chunk of time investing in and building their decks before they ever sit down to play with them. Rather than force an up-front investment, deck building card games require that the player strategically obtains cards, while considering the deck their opponent is building as well. In order to build your deck, you don’t need to open your wallet; you need to play the game.

Typically, deck building card games have fantasy themes. A great example of a new deck building game is Scrapyard Empire, where the cards you choose to save in your hand have a great impact on gameplay. This game, requires strategy, thievery, and secrecy to meet your goal while ensuring your opponents don’t get there first.

Other board games use deck building as only one part of the gaming strategy, as opposed to the entire focus of the game. Some deck building games have inspired “pool-building games” which involve the collection of things other than cards, like chips, puzzle pieces, etc.

The rules of a deck building card game vary from game to game, but most games have a level of complexity that make them inappropriate for younger players. They mostly involve strategy, skill and foresight.  If at first you aren’t very skilled at a deck building card game, you may find that strategy is something you gain by playing with more experienced players. The more you play, the better you will get and the more chances you will have to out -maneuver your opponents. You can also find strategies and killer card-combos by researching online.

People have all kinds of reasons for falling in love with deck building games. They’re generally easy to learn and very accessible for someone interested in starting up. The artwork on most of these games are unique and engaging to look at. The games themselves are complex without being overwhelming.

If you would like to purchase a game with your friends, Galliant Games has the information and options you’re looking for. If you’re on the hunt for your new favorite card game or hobby, consider a deck building game.