5Pax – Game Credits

5pax was a smaller scale project for our team after working on Scrapyard Empire, but due to the wide variety of games and mechanics that make up these collectibles, there was a lot of work to be done and our team handled it beautifully. After working together on several Kickstarter projects we are becoming a well oiled machined, and it shows in every detail of the high-quality products we produce.

Each member of our team played an important role in this project and we have listed them below in thanks.

Director – Dennis Consorte

Concept – Jon Pack 

Game Mechanics – Ben Froikin (Lead), Jon Pack, Alex Bradbury

Design – Luana Tavares, Kaitlyn Harris, Alex Bradbury

Content & Editing – Julia Moore

Marketing Content – Julia Moore

Marketing Video – Luana Tavares

Product Development – Julia Moore, Andrea Mateus