5Pax – Fast & Lite Dice Micro Games



5Pax is a collection of 10, 2-player dice games,  perfect for those fleeting moments with nothing to do when your time would otherwise be wasted watching the clock. These games are compact enough to keep on hand wherever you may be headed, and inexpensive, to boot!

What’s Special About 5Pax?

5Pax games are compact, collectible, and easy enough to understand that you won’t waste time reading long and tedious directions. The driving force behind the creation of these games, was to develop micro games, which would each use the same components but with a range of different mechanics from one game to the next. They are collectible because each game offers a unique experience from one of a variety of different themes. Whether you like board games, sports, or fantasy, there ‘s a themed game for you.

Why 10 Games?

Each expansion for 5Pax will include 5 games, and originally we had planned for the main set to include just 5. But after much thought, we decided that we wanted to give gamers more options to try out in the main pack. This way they could better decipher which expansions packs to pick up in the future.

Save the Princess

You must race your opponent in combat against strange and dangerous monsters that block your way to the castle. This strategy game will get your heart racing!



Horse Racing

You have two prize-winning horses ready to take you to victory. Luck and strategy are both need to win this race before your opponent gets to the finish line first.

horse racing


We took Blackjack and added dice! Test your luck with secret dice rolls while trying to get as close as possible to 21. Bluffing skills are absolutely necessary! While this game was designed for 2-players, just add dice for a 4-player game.

twenty one


Who would have thought that you could make bowling a compact, on-the-go game. Knock down stacks of dice for more points with a bonus for spares & strikes!



Attack by kicking crates horizontally and vertically on the board and trapping your opponent with them, before they can trap you! This game is great for those who like puzzles with a bit of strategy and luck.



Use your dice to run, punt, or tackle with 4 attempts to score before releasing possession to your opponent. Use re-roll points to help give you a competitive edge. Game ends when one or both players run out or re-roll points.



This game uses 2 boards which are both included. In order to serve or return a serve, you must roll up to 3 dice and take the sum of your points to determine where your ball has landed. Be careful though, you can incur a fault by missing the board.


tennis 2


Just like real Dodgeball, you can pass and throw the ball to eliminate members of the opposite team, or move your players around to dodge and defend.



The object of this game is to get as close as possible to the center of the target, while scoring points based on where you land your die. You can also work to knock your existing pieces into the middle, much like you do with Bocce Ball.


Morph Chess

This game brings new life to chess. Each player starts with 6 dice and 6 different ways to move them. You roll your dice to determine which piece you will move, and you must capture the opponent’s king to win!

morph chess

Make sure to check out our 5Pax game credits page to see who helped create these awesome dice games!