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Scrapyard Empire: Surpassing Goals on Kickstarter


We’re really excited to share some news about how Galliant Games’ latest endeavor, a brand-new game called Scrapyard Empire, is progressing this month. Scrapyard Empire is an original strategic tabletop card game for one to four players, challenging you to build fantastic Steampunk-inspired inventions from scraps of old machines, found on cards in one of the game’s four beautifully illustrated decks. On the surface, you follow traditional set collection game mechanics, to use these individual parts to build smaller machines, which you then put together to make your grand inventions. The first player to successfully build two full-scale inventions wins! It might sound pretty simple as we explain it here, but don’t be fooled—achieving victory in this game requires you to take some risks, hedge your bets, and make clever calculations and decisions.

Devoted fans of games where you get to take on a new persona will especially enjoy Scrapyard Empire—the “character” deck consists of eight unique characters you can inhabit during the game, with an expansion set that includes an additional 15. Each character possesses certain skills you can use to your advantage as you build machines, as well as trademark weaknesses that your opponents can discover and exploit. You might, for example, be able to build one of your inventions with one fewer small machine than you’d normally need if you are playing as Jerry Riggsby, one of the more mechanically inclined characters. This is a huge advantage, except for the fact that you have no other special abilities throughout the game, and there are even ways for other players to mimmick this powerful ability.


And if you like to press your luck just a little, you’ll be particularly drawn to the part of the gameplay in which you roll dice to steal or choose cards from “scrap” piles discarded by your opponents. We’ve mitigated the luck component in this game by allowing players to offset bad dice rolls by discarding unwanted cards, to the point where this touch of luck adds excitement to the game without taking too much away from the strategic aspects of Scrapyard Empire. But don’t take our word for it – check out this live gameplay video and judge for yourself:

Anticipating an enthusiastic response to a crowdfunding effort, Scrapyard Empire went live on Kickstarter on June 9. While our funding deadline isn’t until July 16, we’ve already surpassed our goal of $15,000 by more than $2,000 today, thanks to nearly 400 excited and generous backers. And, with almost three weeks still remaining in the Kickstarter campaign, who knows what else is possible? Rewards for backers at certain monetary levels include goodies like the Basic Edition game that has all necessary components for play, the Deluxe Edition (which includes extras like gorgeously crafted miniatures, player mats, and extra dice), or combinations of the two, along with sweet bonus add-ons like drink coasters that feature game art, and custom T-shirts. Early user reviews indicate that Scrapyard Empire will be a big hit—or, as one player put it, “a pretty boss game.”

It’s been very gratifying to see our newest development perform so well, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else will happen in the next three weeks. With video games as hugely popular as they are, it would be easy to think that tabletop games had gone the way of the dinosaur … but the response to our Kickstarter campaign tells us that enthusiasm for more traditional board and card games is alive and well. And the great thing about crowdfunding platforms is that they allow people who share our passions and interests to participate in the development of something new from day one, from providing simple financial support to contributing feedback and suggestions. Are you interested in helping to “Kick-start” Scrapyard Empire? We’d be honored to count you among our loyal backers!


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