Scrapyard Empire – Game Credits

scrapyard-empireEveryone on our team put lots of work into developing all aspects of Scrapyard Empire to make it the awesome game and Kickstarter project that it has become. Listed below are the people behind the curtain.

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Dennis Consorte – Director

Dennis has made this whole creative process possible by believing in our team’s ability to come up with imaginative ideas and helping to shape them to fruition. He has melded our varied talents into a creative and efficient machine, capable of great things!

Jonathan Pack & Ben Froikin – Game Mechanics

There were many of us who shouted out ideas for this game, but it was these two who turned the chaos of our unbridled thoughts into a fun game with features to satisfy many different types of gamers.

Mike Lees & Joemel Requeza – Artwork

We received such amazing feedback on the artwork from our last Kickstarter project, that we wanted Mike Lees to be a part of this project too! His artwork for Scrapyard Empire continues to be inspiring with the cover art, plus dream-worthy inventions, machines and parts. However this project is of a much larger scale than our last deck of cards, so we tested several artists and enlisted Joemel Requeza to do the character artwork. We selected him as for his beautiful work using traditional media to keep with the overall aesthetic of the project, and his own unique style and personality that adds flavor and just the right amount of artistic variety.

Vinyas Rao – 3D Renderings

Thanks to Vinyas, we have 8 marvelous miniatures of each of the inventions in the deck. He used his excellent craftsmanship not only to mirror Mike’s beautiful imagery in a 3D space, but also to interpret the hidden components in each drawing. We wanted to list him with the other 2 artists but there just wasn’t enough room in the paragraph!

Andrea Mateus & Kaitlyn Harris – Design

Andrea and Kaitlyn are responsible for the beautiful card and board layouts, all of the banners that grabbed your attention, and every single minute detail that could easily be taken for granted. Both have a keen eye for design details, and we are proud to have them on the team!

Julia Ann Moore & Jenelle Sosa – Content & Marketing

Julia and Jenelle were a great combo when it came time to develop content and marketing materials for this project. Julia kept everything organized, efficient and fun, while Jenelle was responsible for much of the writing, including parts of the Kickstarter page, our press kit and much much more! Julia’s creative ideas combined with Jenelle’s colorful metaphors made every day a unique experience and kept things far from mundane.

Mike Patierno

Mike is responsible for coming up with many of the invention, small machine, part, and character concepts, utilizing his lifelong love of Science Fiction and his own alter egos from theater and cosplay.

Pete Romano & Elliot Hawk

We were so happy with the video work done on our last project, that we had to bring back Pete Romano, Elliot Hawk and the team at The Joey Creative Agency to craft our main project video out of our game artwork, raw footage, elf dust and the script and creative direction provided by SHIFT1.

Honorable Mention

Shout outs to Tristan Delalande for helping on all aspects of the project, Katlynn Bennett for recruiting playtesters, and Mike Thal, a composer who specializes in game theme music for his feedback on game mechanics and rules, as well as Gary McCluskey and Julius Camenzind for some of the artwork we used in the video.


Our videos would not be complete without some awesome tunes to go along with them. Check out the names & artists of the music we chose, licensed from Pond5 & SoundCloud.


A special thanks to all of the people who came out to playtest our game locally, plus all of those playtesters who got our prototypes in the mail. They provided the necessary feedback to make it into a truly engaging experience for all gamers young and old, and we couldn’t have done it without them!

Check out a few of our helpful play testers in the YouTube video below!

Scrapyard Empire Reviews & Interviews

Lots of thanks to all of the reviewers who tried our game and took the time to put up thoughtful videos and articles about their thoughts. Some of them are listed below:

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Cafes & Game Stores

A number of cafes, game shops and Meetup groups tried out the prototype as well. We are very thankful to them for participating and for all of their helpful feedback on what worked well and what needed work.

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Creative Commons Images

Our invention cards are alive with vivid detail, drawn in traditional media with intricate line work and colorization. Because of the scope of this project, we did include some images by other artists as the backgrounds in some of the scenes. These images are listed below, along with their accompanying inventions.