Scrapyard Empire – Inspiration

Mike Patierno used his expansive knowledge and deep love for science fiction to inspire the imagery for this game. He came up with inventions from the machines he loved most growing up. In order to give credit to those past influences we have linked to them below.

Walking House : Howl’s Moving Castle, Hayao Miyazaki, Distributed by Toho, Disney & Madman Entertainment

Subterranean Sub: Gaetan Moliére’s Digger in Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Time Machine: The Time Machine, HG Wells, plus mechanics in the artwork were inspired by astronaut training gyroscopes as some of our team wished to reminisce about our space camp days:

Glove Of Ruin:  Influenced by the famous video game Ratchet and Clank

Another Influence for the Glove was Superman! His strength allows him to turn coal into diamonds.

The Terrigible: Final Fantasy Games  – Airships are a recurrent feature in the FF series.

Doomsday Ray: Mike just wouldn’t have felt right without including an invention in ode to Nikola Tesla, so he thought of his Death Ray!

Flight Pack: Who hasn’t wanted a jet pack or rocket pack since they were little?  If Jetman has one, we all should!

Deathclock: This invention was from a more recent inspiration, the Deathclock website! We hoped to bring such a marvel to life…well kind of!