Scrapyard Empire: Dig. Build. Rise.


Scrapyard Empire is a beautifully illustrated, strategic hand management game where the goal of each player is to outbuild their opponents, or in the case of our 1 player version, to beat the deck.

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What makes it different?

Mixed Mechanics

Besides the incredible artwork by our skilled artists (see artwork inspiration here!), this game has an interesting mixture of gameplay components that you won’t see in every other game. You can steal, dig, draw, trade, use special abilities, character abilities, and much more to gain the Parts, Small Machines, and Inventions that you need to win. There’s a dice mechanic, mitigated by managing resources that you can trade in to offset any unlucky dice rolls.

Character & Small Machine Abilities

These abilities give you special advantages over your opponents, and if used with strategy they can be the difference between winning or losing. The small machine abilities aren’t with you the entire game since they have to be built first, but they create that extra chaos the game truly thrives off of!

Character Type Examples

Character Type 1: Must Perform An Action

  • Prof. Luna Tech

    • Ability: After your 2 actions, if you roll a 4, 5, or 6, you may take 1 extra action.

    • Description: A brilliant and eccentric scientist, who was dumped by Tesla for being “too weird.” She Invented the neurodiplochronovelocisphere, but left it on a bus.

Character Type 2: Static Ability

  • Captain Minerva

    • Ability: When digging for parts, if you roll a 6, you may take 2 cards instead of 1.

    • Description: An airship pirate with incomparable fencing skills, a thirst for blood, and an incredible eye for fashion. She longs for a ship to captain.

Character Type 3: Limited Activation

  • Jerry Riggsby

    • Ability: Once per game, you can build an Invention with one fewer Small Machine than required.

    • Description: A toymaker who began building vehicles and weapons. He tried to combine these skills with The Malibu Dream Blimp, which proved unsuccessful.

Small Machine Ability Example Mecha Skeleton

  • Ability: Choose 1 opponent. For this turn, you may use their character ability as if it was your own.
  • Description: A simulated human bone structure for mechanical robots or battle suits. It’s better than real, it’s steel!

What’s in the box?

Basic Edition

  • 168 cards

  • 5 Types of Cards: Inventions (Blue), Small Machines (Orange), Parts (Green), Characters (Brown) and Build Guide (Gray)

  • 1 Die

Deluxe Edition

  • 168 Cards

  • 4 Player Mats

  • 1 Center Mat
  • 8 Invention Miniatures

  • 4 Dice

  • Solitaire Rules

  • Quick Reference Guide

  • Full Rulebook


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Small Machines



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